Nick and the mysterious Harmony Machine overlap layers to create intricate music. Covers and originals. Often instrumental, interspersed with vocals and percussion.

Playing Friday Feb 3 at
Salto Coffee Works
in Nederland, CO
starting at 6:30 pm

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8/15 – Hope Junction
Trading Co., Hope, 3pm
8/16 – Vagabond Blues, Palmer, 5pm
8/21 – The cadana casino Tap Root, Anchorage, 8pm
8/22 – The Grove,
Talkeetna, 8pm
8/23 – Resurrect Art Coffee House, Seward, 7pm
8/24 – Alice’s Champagne Palace, Homer, 7 pm

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My biology text book is not read but this Dixie cup,
this Dixie cup is. Manzo hands it to me and he says,
“be careful, there’s a universe in there.”
And there is: foam galaxies with solar system bubbles and little molecule planets,
in which scientists theorize about whether the world started with the bursting of the big bubble
or if that bubble was merely one of thousands that emerged when a glass container was drained
into a red Dixie cup by a hand. “But what hand?” one asks, “the hand of God?”
and that brings up an entirely new debate. I take a drink. I let the couch swallow me
as the civilization in my belly marches toward war against my stomach acid.

“Worlds Apart” by Drake Arnold
Drake Arnold Official Website
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“Be Careful, There’s a Universe in There” by Lamplight, Lamplight
from “Fences For, and Against” [Listen on Bandcamp]
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January 15, 2014

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